More real estate agent lies at an Ann Arbor open house

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It happened again.

A buyer walks into an open house and the listing agent’s assistant who is there says “I can be your buyer’s agent if you are interested in this home”.

This is a lie. It is simply not true. A listing agent’s assistant can’t be your buyer agent. They might be able to be a designated buyer agent. But it is more likely they would be a dual agent or a seller’s agent.

Think about it for a second. If her boss is trying to get the highest price for the seller how likely is she to be able to negotiate hard for you and keep your interests confidential? She can’t. That is why the state requires her to tell you in writing that she is a designated buyer agent, not a real buyer’s agent. But while you are there talking to her she isn’t your agent at all.

Designated agency is so confusing that the law requires a written contract before she can even be a designated agent. Till then she is on the seller’s side. So, watch out!

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