Ann Arbor - The Listing Agent’s Assistant Wants To Be My Buyer’s Agent?

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I heard this from a confused Ann Arbor home buyer recently:

They found a conflict between common sense and what they heard when they visited an open house.

The woman hosting the open house said she could be their buyer agent if they were interested in that home. The buyers asked a few questions and found out the hostess was an assistant to the agent that had the listing.

So, the buyers are thinking… “How in the world could this woman negotiate against her own boss for us???”

Well obviously they are right. That is a nonesensical idea.

The hostess can’t be a buyer’s agent on an office listing. That would be illegal as it would be undisclosed dual agency.

What she can be is a designated buyer’s agent.

Designated agency is a concept created to help large real estate companies sell their own listings and sweet-talk buyers into using their services. It is not the same thing as buyer agency, where a company represents a buyer’s best interests. In fact is is a variation of dual agency, it was created to hide the dual agency in this exact situation.

So if the hostess had wanted to tell the buyer the truth they would have said “I can be your designated buyer’s agent because my boss is the designated listing agent” but that would have probably scared off any buyer with an IQ over 40.

Thus, it is a common scam and it starts with the host saying buyer agent when she should be saying designated buyer agent.

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