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Finding a great home and negotiating a great deal isn’t as difficult as you might believe.

But, you do need to understand the basics, and, you need to plan ahead of time.

First, understand that there is a huge difference in real estate agents and companies.

Ask yourself, “Who is the best company to work with to help me buyer a home?”

If you are serious about getting a good deal you should interview at least three agents before you decide who to work with. And, check to see if the company even promotes buyer agency. Many companies aren’t serious about negotiating good deals for home buyers. Check the company’s website and see if it talks about how much money the company has been able to save buyers or how it was able to get the upper hand in negotiating for home buyers. If the company actually believes in helping buyers get a good deal, then it is a lot easier for an agent to help you get a good deal.

Also, find out if the company policy is designated buyer agency or real buyer agency. A small company who offers buyer agency will typically give you more leverage than a larger company who only provides designated buyer agency.

Ask your friends for referrals and ask how the agent helped your friends find, negotiate, and close on their homes.

Finally, when you interview a buyer agent or a designated buyer agent, ask questions about these topics:

1. What kind of home evaluation training do you have?

2. What kind of special negotiation training do you have? (Ask if they know what a flinch is or if  they know what positional negotiation is vs principled negotiation.)

3. What is your average savings per purchase? How do you figure savings when you are working for a home buyer?

4. Can you give me examples of past successes? (Any serious buyer agent will be happy to show you tons of examples here. This is what buyer agents live for!)

5. Can you help me shop and negotiate my loan?

6. Will you help me choose a thorough inspector?

Realize that these questions may be intimidating for sales focused agents or designated buyer agents, but the real buyer agents in the group will really start to stand out here. And choosing a great buyer’s agent is the biggest step you can take to help you find a great deal!

If you choose the right people to work with for your home purchase, your chance of getting a deal improves dramatically.

Jon Boyd
The Home Buyer’s Agent of Ann Arbor, Inc.
734-662-6240 1908 W. Stadium Blvd. Ann Arbor, 48103

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